During the start of 2020 the leadership team at Whitecap Search enjoyed a night out to celebrate a very successful 2019 and to prepare for the next wave.

Words from our Senior Managing Director, Shawn G:

Overall, it was a great knowledge share to get all the leaders of the different industries/divisions and both temp and perm all together and share successes and challenges to all collaborate as to how we can all use best practices across the board to improve the firm in 2020

Barb’s vision is that she wants WCS to be the Roman Empire, the most expansive empire that ever was, and that they did that by being driven, focused, and PREPARED. Many times in the recruiting industry people wing their business pitch trying to get new revenue/clients, and it’s like going into battle throwing rocks. The Romans were as successful as they were because they never threw rocks, they used spears and swords and had a PLAN every time they went into battle and executed it with precision and drive.

The dinner itself was just a great way to further the conversations in a more personal and informal setting and continue to build relationships with other leaders in the firm. I truly believe we have a tight group at the top and the better we all work together the better the right messages and best practices will be passed down throughout the firm.

Words from our Managing Director, Madeline W:

The Manager Dinner is a perfect example of how WhiteCap Search truly separates itself as a top firm in the industry. Having the opportunity to collaborate and socialize with the heads of every business-line has contributed to our team-oriented culture. Prior to the dinner, we were able to reflect on the successes of the past year as well as areas of improvement (both division-specific and company-wide).  We are continuing to find ways to partner across division lines and bring an attitude of success to every service line.

Going out with the partners and division leaders provided a great platform to discuss ideas in a casual setting, and eat some great food too! We all work with a focus and intensity meant to lead each of our respective teams to success, so having time to reflect on those challenges and successes outside of the office has only brought us all closer together!

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